Are There Any Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Sulfuric Acid for Drain Cleaning?

Want to Try Cleaning Your Own Drains Before Calling a Professional?  

Many of our clients have asked us if using sulfuric acid for drain cleaning is a good idea? So we decided to write this article specifically about this.

Yes, sulfuric acid can be effective to clean clogged drains, however, it is also incredibly dangerous. It is very easy to use, readily available in low concentrations and is capable of chemically breaking down most materials, in addition to generating heat to melt blockages. But, it does emit fumes, is highly corrosive, can cause serious harm when it touches the skin and can result in death if used incorrectly.

When this drain cleaner is used in accordance with all the recommended safety precautions, then most of the concerns involving it can be laid to rest, however, there will always be some factors which are either unknown or beyond the user’s control that can end up in a disaster.

One of the biggest benefits when using sulfuric acid is its ability to remove almost any reasonable clog, with the exception of heavy, solid clogs due to inorganic materials. It does not call for any special training to use, as it is just poured into a drain and left to work. A cleaner that has a sulfuric acid-base is very convenient and economical, and any leftovers can be stored to use at a later date.

Most importantly, this cleaner has an extremely powerful chemical reaction when it mixes with water or some other drain-cleaning chemicals. It can generate enough heat to cause violent explosions or eruptions of lethal toxic fumes, so it can only be used in dry drains. This is one reason why sulfuric acid solutions that have higher concentrations of the chemical are regulated and are only available to professional plumbers.

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