How to Perform Plumbing Repair on Old Plumbing?

Not Sure if Your Antiquated Plumbing Can Be Repaired?  

Just suffered a plumbing leak, or want to be prepared in case you do? Well, read on to learn some helpful plumbing repair tips on what to do in a crisis!

Before any old plumbing can be repaired, it is important that you first understand the problem you are dealing with. For example, fixing a toilet is nothing like repairing an older bathtub. Which is why the specific issue must be determined before any kind of repair is attempted. That being said, plumbing is not always that easy to repair without the help of a professional.

Fortunately not all is lost, there are a few simple repair methods you can try which will help rescue your old plumbing. Tools you need to have handy at all times are a wrench, compression nuts, an auger, a plunger, rings, a pipe wrench, pliers, and a few faucet seals. Once you have all of these tools, you will then have to familiarize yourself with all the shut-off valves that are connected to every fixture in your home.

Once you have found the problem fixture, shut the valve off to it by turning it clockwise. If you are unable to find the valve for a particular fixture, then simply switch off the main house valve. Most older plumbing problems can be repaired by removing a fixture, finding the leak, or other issues, and repairing it.

If you have tried to repair a fixture and still have no luck, then the time has come to call a professional plumber. Sometimes older plumbing is more complicated than it looks. In this case, trying to remove or adjust the plumbing could prove to be detrimental. A professional plumber will pinpoint the problem almost immediately, and this could save on time and money in the long run.

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