Plumbing Repair Tips on Leaks

Has Your Water Bill Suddenly Gone Higher?  

The technique used to repair a plumbing leak greatly depends on the nature of the leak. Major leaks often need a professional plumber to fix them, however, some home repair methods can be used to deal with minor plumbing leaks. Any plumbing repair job starts with first identifying the problem. To repair a leak, you may be able to get away with using some waterproof tape or a repair kit from your local hardware store.

When a leak occurs at a joint, try to tighten the joint first. For a leak at a threaded joint, which is where one piece will be attached to another, a pipe wrench can be used to tighten the joint, which should stop or at least reduce the leak. However, caution should be used when doing this, so you do not loosen the other end, which could result in a new plumbing leak occurring.

However, you need to note that not all pipes are screwed into place, which means tightening is not an option. When threading or screwed-on cannot be seen, or if you see any signs of welding, tightening will not be an option. Copper pipes are joined using a method known as sweat welding or brazing, should this be the case, then you will need a professional.

A pencil and tape are often enough to repair pinhole pipe leaks. By snapping off the tip of a pencil in the hole, a plumbing leak will be plugged. Similar plugs or using an epoxy paste can be also used to plug a hole. The leak will then be wrapped in layers of waterproof tape in order to keep it in place. However, you need to remember to keep an eye on this patch, and should the leak continues you will need to do further steps to stop it. For all your plumbing repair needs, please call H and R Plumbing & Rooter in Oakland, CA now at (510) 344-9973.