Priceless Advice Offered by a Professional Drain Cleaner

Unquestionable Reasons to Switch to Water-Efficient Toilets

Whether you have one or a couple of bathrooms in your home, your plumbing takes a lot of beating. Even a small family uses thousands of gallons water monthly for bathing, laundry, washing, and toileting. Many homeowners pay their water bills resignedly without realizing they can actually make savings. If you do something as simple as switching to water-efficient toilets, you will achieve that goal. A local drain cleaner advises:

Thankfully, toilet designers and manufacturers have made significant changes not only in the design but in the functionality of these plumbing fixtures. Today, you can find toilets more efficient than ever at any plumbing supplies store, and now, we will prove this investment is really worth it.

High-efficient toilets will help you save water in the first place. For comparison, the traditional fixtures waste 7 gallons per flush whereas the newest ones waste only 1.6 gallons. If you multiply the difference by the days in the month and the approximate times you visit that place a day, you will receive a huge number. Along with the amount of water they save, they will save you money too. When you try to calculate the amount of saved water per year, you will find out that you will be saving thousands of dollars. And that’s not the only benefit. Many municipalities offer discounts off the water bills for people who have low-flow toilets.

High-efficient toilets also offer improved performance. Don’t think that by saving water and money, they don’t work well. In fact, they have incredible flushing power preventing toilet clogs. However, there is one more advantage that you might not have thought about – these efficient plumbing fixtures will increase the value of your property. If you intend to sell it, more homebuyers will be willing to buy it at a higher price if they know you have installed low-flow toilets.

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