Tips to Postpone Calling a Drain Service Provider

Avoid These Habits to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster  

Nobody likes to deal with plumbing issues, but that is inevitable sometimes. And while in some cases plumbing problems are unavoidable, other times we cause them with our bad habits. In this article, as a reputable local drain service provider, we will outline the main homeowners’ habits that lead to serious plumbing failures.

Putting the wrong things in the garbage disposal is only an invitation to a disaster waiting to happen. Being in a hurry to prepare a fast dinner for their family, many housewives put the wrong food scraps down there. If you put there cooking grease or other stringy food leftovers, you will eventually end up with a plumbing problem. Throwing inappropriate food scraps down the drain is another bad habit you should avoid. When you wash fruits, vegetables, and other types of fare, be careful what you leave to go down the drain. Any large and hard peels and other foods can seriously damage your pipes and cause costly repairs.

When you take a shower, do not let the hairs go down the drain either. By letting them and the soap scum go down there, you are waiting for a dangerous clog to happen. You better spend some money on a mesh drain screen or ask your plumber for any other ways to prevent drain clogs.

Lots of homeowners rely on harsh chemicals when it comes to drain cleaning. But these products won’t just take away the debris, they will impair your pipes too. Instead, you can use baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water to wash away all debris in a safe and effective manner. You should also be careful how you utilize your toilet. Flushing just about everything that can be flushed is another bad habit that you should avoid. But flushing toilet paper, feminine products, or diapers can result in clogs and toilet overflowing with terrible consequences for your health.

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