When the Utilization of a Professional Drain Cleaner Becomes a Must!

3 Signs You Need to Book a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Drain pipes pose a serious threat to most homeowners. When their inspection and maintenance are neglected, problems occur. However, by knowing the indications of drain clogs, you can be prepared for the worst and know how to react without any panic. Timely drain cleaning work will protect your pipes from breakage and extend their lifespan. What can our experienced drain cleaner advise you?

  • Water backflow: If not maintained well, drains are prone to reversing the direction of the water and returning it to your home. When your plumbing fixtures start to overflow, this is an obvious indication for you to shut down the main water valve and call a specialist. Luckily for us, today’s professionals use different methods to address clogged drains, but still, this is not something you should tackle yourself. An overflowing toilet, for example, is a severe health hazard and a risk to your house’s structural integrity.

  • Slow draining: You don’t have to wait for an hour to drain your bathtub. But when it takes that long, that is because those pipes are too dirty which is normal considering their purpose. Luckily for us, most issues like that are easy to fix. Other times, drain cleaning requires special video inspection and probably some digging in your yard to remove grease, hairs, and other debris.

  • Bad smells: The presence of foul odor on your property is a clear sign that your drain system is in trouble. That smell usually comes from fecal matter, as well as the small animal excrement and the bacteria inside. That bad odor is an indication you need to call a specialist immediately as they need to inspect your entire plumbing system and perform the necessary cleaning technique.

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